A few EMQ X Enterprise customers were asking how they can develop their own EMQ X plugins and use them in the enterprise edition. This article is to document the steps.

How to build your own plugin

Since EMQ X v4.3, community plugins can be built in the umbrella project with only a few lines of config change. Please find the instructions in this README

Where to install your plugin

Starting from community edition v4.3.2 and enterprise edition e4.3.1, external plugins can be installed in <expand_plugins_dir>, where <expand_plubins_dir> is configurable in emqx.conf by they config key plugins.expand_plugins_dir. …

OpenHAB, also known as open Home Automation Bus, is an open-source home automation software written in Java. With the strengths of integrating various devices, providing a clear user interface, and supporting the most flexible tools, openHAB becomes one of the most outstanding platforms in the field of home automation.

With the high flexibility and ease of use, openHAB provides a particular binding for users to connect MQTT Broker. In this article, we will introduce to you the process of setting up EMQ X Cloud MQTT Broker with openHAB.

What is MQTT?

MQTT, known as Message Queuing Telemetry Transport, is a lightweight IoT messaging…

In recent years, as people’s demand for home security, convenience, comfort and artistry has increased, home automation has become more and more popular. Home Assistant, a popular open-source home automation platform, provides a secure and convenient central control system. In this article, we will introduce you to how to use EMQ X Cloud MQTT Broker to connect with Home Assistant.

What is MQTT Broker

MQTT is a lightweight, publish-subscribe network protocol that transports messages between devices. An MQTT Broker is a server that receives all messages from the clients and then routes the messages to the appropriate destination clients.

Why EMQ X Cloud?

EMQ X Cloud is an…

MQTT is a lightweight, flexible IoT message exchange and data transfer protocol that aims to balance flexibility with hardware/network resources for IoT developers. In order to ensure secure communication, TLS/SSL is often used for communication encryption.

This article mainly introduces how to perform TLS/SSL one-way and two-way authentication via Android and MQTT.


This article uses Eclipse Paho Android Service and BouncyCastle to add dependencies

dependencies {
implementation 'org.eclipse.paho:org.eclipse.paho.client.mqttv3:1.1.0'
implementation 'org.eclipse.paho:org.eclipse.paho.android.service:1.1.1'
implementation 'org.bouncycastle:bcpkix-jdk15on:1.59'

Here is the core code section for Android to connect to TLS/SSL

MqttConnectOptions options = new MqttConnectOptions();
SSLSocketFactory sslSocketFactory = ...

The focus is on how…


To better address the needs for real-time streaming data storage and processing in various businesses, we (EMQ) have been searching for an optimal system and architecture.

We have presented a brand new concept in the previous post “When Database Meets Stream Computing: The Birth of Streaming Database!” — “Streaming Database” — a new database category. In the article today, we will introduce HStreamDB, a Streaming Database currently being developed by the Haskell Team from EMQ. Comparing it with the existing unstructured streaming solutions, we believe that Streaming Database pioneered by HStreamDB will be the best choice in the era of…

This article will use the MQTT X scripts and timing function to simulate reporting temperature and humidity data. EMQ X Edge acts as the messaging middleware to forward messages, and EMQ X Kuiper performs receiving messages and processing rules. Finally, the processed data will be sent to MQTT X via EMQ X Edge.

Introduction and installation

All the runtime environments demonstrated in this article are all built through Docker. If you have other installation needs, you can also refer to the download link and installation document provided below to build them.


Kuiper is a lightweight IoT edge analysis and stream processing open source…

MQTT is a lightweight and flexible IoT message exchanging and data delivery protocol. It dedicates to implement a balance of flexibility and hardware/network resources for IoT developers.

NodeMCU is an open source IoT platform. It uses the Lua language to program. This platform is based on eLua open source projects, and its underlying layer uses the ESP8266 SDK 0.9.5.

In this project, we will implement remote control LED lights via NodeMCU(ESP8266) and the free public MQTT broker which is operated and maintained by EMQ X Cloud, and use the Arduino IDE to program NodeMCU ESP8266. EMQ X Cloud is the…

Database history review

As one of the cornerstones for modern software systems, databases have been studied for a long time. Although researches about databases have produced four Turing Award winners so far, it remains one of the liveliest and most innovative computer science topics. Ever since the 1970s, Edgar F. Codd proposed the relational model, relational databases based on the IBM SystemR prototype have proliferated and have been successful in many industrial applications. Even today, it remains the absolute mainstream.

With the rise and booming of the Internet in the 21st century, traditional relational databases began to struggle to meet the needs of…

EMQ X Kuiper is an edge lightweight IoT data analytics / streaming software which can be run at all kinds of resource constrained IoT devices.

TensorFlow Lite is a set of tools to help developers run TensorFlow models on mobile, embedded, and IoT devices. It enables on-device machine learning inference with low latency and a small binary size.

By integrating Kuiper and TensorFlow Lite, users can analyze the data in stream by AI with prebuilt TensorFlow models. …

Hello! Things are moving fast. Thanks to a great community & fantastic dedicated EMQX open-source team, we are developing features & fixes at a break neck pace.

February was a hotpot of cutting edge protocol support, community engagement, security and more features. Here’s what we have been up to.

Live Feature show case Session

We had our first informal live demo session ( via Zoom ). It was a packed house with multiple teams & community members joining.

A community contribution was demonstrated and well received by everyone, which also included insights on specific customer use cases.

The open source team show cased the new…

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EMQ (https://www.emqx.com) is an open-source data infrastructure company in the IoT Era.

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