EMQ new version in September | EMQ X Enterprise 3.4.0 Function overview

Brand-new Dashboard UI

  • Realize full control of EMQ X cluster status, add the real-time display interface of key operational indicators;
  • Provide aggregate statistics and persistent records of operational indicators and display them at the front end. Cluster history messages, links, topics and subscription indicators are clear at a glance.
  • Strengthen business functions, display licensee authorization information including issuing company, number of authorization lines, expiration date, and more convenient and quicker for enterprise operation and maintenance;
  • Implement basic equipment management function, simplify connection information, support online kick out equipment, view and manage equipment subscription information, add subscription relationship manually, etc.
  • Optimize rule creation steps, provide creation wizards to facilitate quick learning of the enterprise, and clarify the rules engine application relationship;
  • Added alarm management, globally displays the current number of alarms, and provides historical alarm record troubleshooting, which is convenient for discovering problems and solving problems and avoiding the risks caused by alarms.

Hot configuration of parameters is supported by Dashboard

Cluster management is supported by Dashboard

Powerful Schema Registry

  • Avro is a remote procedure call and data serialization framework developed within Apache’s Hadoop project. It uses JSON to define data type and communication protocol, and uses compressed binary format to serialize data, with EMQ X Enterprise built-in support;
  • Protocol Buffers is a lightweight and efficient structured data storage format that can be used for structured data serialization. It is ideal for data storage or RPC data exchange formats. It can be used for language-independent, platform-independent and extensible serialized structured data formats in communication protocols, data storage and other fields, with EMQ X Enterprise has built-in support.
  • The third-party codec service delivers the original message data through the TCP and HTTP communication to the external codec service, waiting for the coded data to be returned, and then conducting the subsequent logic. The third-party service can be a self-built codec gateway or even a hot Serverless application in cloud computing.
SELECT decode('schema:1.0', payload) as payload
topic =~ 't/#'

Support of the China National Protocol Agreement JT/T808 for vehicle networking

New version feature planning

  • Optimizing Plug-in Configuration Function: For security reasons, plug-in configurations on Dashboard currently do not persist to Broker. Stable configurations need to be manually written to the configuration file after successful debugging. With the improvement of security of Dashboard and related APIs, subsequent EMQ plans will persist plug-in configurations on the interface. In most scenarios, no additional operations on configuration files are needed.
  • Provide plug-in function management interface: At present, Dashboard’s management of plug-ins is limited to configuration. Many plug-ins, such as emqx_auth_clientid, emqx_auth_username, emqx_configs, have corresponding business functions and usage modes besides basic configuration. EMQ will be adapted and developed one by one in Dashboard to provide plug-in configuration and user interface;
  • Plug-in hot installation and hot upgrade: upload binary plug-in package in Dashboard, realize non-stop plug-in installation and upgrade, hot install hot upgrade is mainly used to deal with important repair and small-scale function upgrade of EMQ X;
  • Customize alarm implementation: user-defined alarm rules and trigger mode will be supported in the future, so that the alarm reminder can not be offline.




EMQ is an open-source IoT data infrastructure software provider, delivering the world’s leading open-source MQTT message broker and stream processing database.

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EMQ Technologies

EMQ Technologies

EMQ is an open-source IoT data infrastructure software provider, delivering the world’s leading open-source MQTT message broker and stream processing database.

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