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EMQX has announced the global availability of its Cloud MQTT Service, EMQX Cloud, on the Google Cloud Marketplace. Listing in Google Cloud Marketplace allows Google & EMQ users to purchase and manage MQTT service from Google Cloud Marketplace easily.

As the best alternative to Google Cloud IoT Core after its upcoming shutdown on August 16, 2023, EMQX Cloud available on Google Cloud Marketplace will make it even more convenient for business migration to discover, install, and manage this scalable, reliable, secure MQTT service.

3 Major Benefits of Adopting EMQX Cloud via GCP Marketplace

EMQX Cloud onboarding through Google Cloud Marketplace provides the best possible experience in delivering the highest quality IoT connectivity solutions:

Simplified Billing to Meet Google Cloud Committed Spend

Listing EMQX on Google Cloud Marketplace offers users a hassle-free procurement process, providing easy purchase and deployment options for those looking for ideal IoT connectivity solutions.

Fully Integrated With Other Google Cloud Services

EMQX Cloud can integrate easily with other Google Cloud services like Pub/Sub. Customers can obtain a complete end-to-end IoT connectivity solution allowing businesses to control Google Cloud’s data management and EMQ’s MQTT connectivity capabilities.

Easy, Secure Migration From Google IoT Core to EMQX

Listing EMQX in the Google Cloud Marketplace also eases migration for current IoT Core users. EMQ offers expert guidance on Google IoT Core migration to EMQX Cloud, ensuring a secure and seamless transition with minimal downtime.

Get Started EMQX Cloud on Google Marketplace

Subscribe to EMQX Cloud

  1. Search for EMQX Cloud on the Google Cloud Marketplace page.
  2. On the EMQX login and registration pages, click ‘Or subscribe on Google Cloud Marketplace’ to access the GCP Marketplace page.

Registry and Logon

  1. The pricing unit on the GCP product page is “USD 0.01/count,” corresponding to 0.01 US dollars. Bills will be sent to GCP based on this unit.

2. Click “subscribe” on the product page.

3. On the confirmation page, click “Subscribe.”

4. Click the pop-up “Go to the product page.”

5. Click “Manage on provider” on the EMQX Cloud login page.

6. After completing the registration and login process, enter the console.

7. Click the “View Order” pop-up to see all orders under this account. In most cases, an order is placed once a subscription is confirmed.

Start your new EMQX Cloud deployment

You can choose all three Editions of EMQX Cloud service from the Console:

View GCP Consumption Records

  1. Click on the product order, click “…” and select “View billing report.”

2. The billing report will pop up on the page.

Managing and Cancelling Orders

  1. In the GCP Marketplace management interface, “Your Products” refers to products with active orders.

2. In the GCP Marketplace management interface, “Your Orders” displays all orders that have been processed.

3. GCP can manage orders on the order page. Click “More actions” next to the active order to cancel the order.

4. After confirming the order number, the order can be canceled.


Adding EMQX Cloud to Google Cloud Marketplace offers an additional avenue for support, allowing EMQ’s users to tap into Google’s global scale and expertise. This also spells success for all Google customers by providing them direct access to EMQX’s capabilities through EMQX Cloud MQTT service.

Google Cloud Users can also easily migrate their devices from the deprecated GCP IoT Core to EMQX Cloud while continuing to use GCP infrastructure seamlessly. You can learn more about the migration tutorials in Migration Handbook.

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