MQTT in a Nutshell

— Part One, What is it

M2M and Internet of Things


A little History about MQTT


  1. MQTT uses a one-byte fixed header and two-byte KeepAlive packet, its packet has a size and simple to en/decode. While XMPP is encapsulated in XML, it is large in size and complicated in interaction.
  2. MQTT uses topic for routing, it is more flexible than XMPP’s peer to peer routing based on JID.
  3. MQTT protocol doesn’t define a payload format, thus it carries different higher level protocol with ease. While the XMPP uses XML for payload, it must encapsulate binary in Base64 format.
  4. MQTT supports message acknowledgement and QoS mechanism, which is absent in XMPP, thus MQTT is more reliable.



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