Why EMQX Is Your Best Google Cloud IoT Core Alternative

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4 min readAug 30, 2022

Google made its decision to shut down Cloud IoT Core Service on August 16, 2023, leaving one year for its users to migrate from their service to an alternative one.

The public announcement first appeared at the top of its IoT Core web page, followed by emails to its customers, notifying that exactly one year from now, access to IoT Core Device Manager APIs will no longer be available. As of that date, devices will be unable to connect to the Google Cloud IoT Core MQTT and HTTP bridges and existing connections will be shut down. ”

Now is the time to consider your best Google Cloud IoT Core alternative.

Given that Google IoT Core is based on MQTT, the best alternative options for seamless migration undoubtedly are MQTT-based IoT messaging platforms or services. As a trusted partner to Google Cloud Platform (GCP), EMQ has already brought solid and well-rounded IoT connectivity solutions to our mutual customers. We are here to provide ideal migration options for those seeking the best Google IoT Core alternatives. EMQX, the world’s most scalable open source MQTT Broker, and EMQX Cloud, a fully-managed MQTT service already available on Google Cloud Platform, are both based on open standards, 100% compliant with MQTT 5.0 and 3.x standards and deeply integrated with GCP.

Choose EMQX as Your Perfect Replacement for Google IoT Core

EMQX offers users the ability to connect any device at any scale, then move and processe IoT data anywhere in real-time. The outstanding scalability, high performance, and rich features of EMQX make it an ideal choice for Google IoT Core users:

  • World’s #1 scalability: EMQX has been verified in test scenarios to scale to 100 million concurrent MQTT connections in one cluster of 20 nodes, making it the world’s most scalable open source MQTT platform.
  • Business-critical reliability: EMQX can ingest and process millions of MQTT messages efficiently per second per cluster while guaranteeing sub-millisecond latency in message delivery with its soft real-time runtime. It supports up to 99.99% SLA and ensures no data loss with built-in RocksDB data persistence.
  • Widely adopted and fully proven: Since its first release in 2013, EMQX has been downloaded 20M+ times, connecting 100M+ IoT devices worldwide every day, and boasts more than 20K+ global users. EMQX is trusted by over 300 customers from various industries like automotive, IIoT, transportation & logistics, energy & utilities, and more in mission-critical IoT scenarios, including well-known brands like HPE, VMware, Verifone, SAIC Volkswagen, and Ericsson.

A True Seamless and Effortless Migration from Google IoT Core

Inheriting the excellent features and performance of EMQX, EMQ also provides EMQX Cloud, a fully managed MQTT service for IoT that enables users to connect IoT devices to any cloud without the burden of maintaining infrastructure.

With announcing support for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) in September 2021, EMQX Cloud is the world’s first and only fully-managed MQTT service that supports all major public cloud platforms, including GCP, AWS, and Azure. Enterprises using Google Cloud IoT Core to manage their IoT infrastructures, whether on GCP or other cloud platforms, can migrate their IoT applications and endpoints to EMQX Cloud seamlessly and effortlessly.

EMQX Cloud supports VPC peering on GCP. Users who want to migrate from Google IoT Core simply need to choose Google Cloud as the cloud platform when creating new deployments on EMQX Cloud. EMQX cluster and user’s resources on GCP, such as Cloud SQL, Kafka, MongoDB, and InfluxDB, can communicate by establishing a VPC peering connection. This communication is under the same network, making it more secure and reliable than a private network connection.

Migrate from Google Cloud IoT Core to EMQX Today!

Global enterprise customers, spanning automotive, IIoT, transportation & logistics, energy & utilities, and more, have proven EMQX’s scalability and reliability with massive deployments of mission-critical IoT applications on GCP. For existing Google Cloud IoT Core customers, EMQX will be your perfect alternative, offering outstanding product capabilities and minimizing the possible impact on your current running systems.

Make the right decision and get in touch with our dedicated IoT experts about your options after Google Cloud IoT Core. We will assist you in building your ideal replacement immediately.

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